James Hallman: Editor


HeadshotThe world of publishing is changing. With the advent of distribution services like Amazon, the rise of affordable Print-on-Demand services like Smashwords, and the explosive growth digital publishing, the barriers to entry have never been lower. But content, as they say, is still king. And good editing makes books better: better for the reader, better for the author, better for your ROI.

WriteWorks creator and managing editor, James Hallman, believes in the integrity of ideas and the power of clear communication. Not bothering to wait to graduate from high school before chasing after his love of writing and literature, he became a regular contributor to student poetry journals. He stuck with that love of literature and good writing while he obtained degrees in history and international political economy, while tutoring fellow students in writing.

Always up for new challenges and seeking adventure, James roamed abroad to teach English. Despite being chased by pigs, lost on mountains, stranded, or otherwise confused in a number of amazing places, he refused to return to the safety of a desk job. Instead, he carefully documented his adventures with copious notes he would never publish before returning to the US and joining the world of the self-publishers.

James cut his editorial teeth by editing scholarly articles for foreign doctors and helping to develop tourism copy for a few years, just for the sheer pleasure of it. Eventually, he fell in love with the Chicago Manual of Style and also developed a taste for editing fiction and non-fiction alike through writers groups and small publishing ventures.

He took up freelance editing professionally in 2009 and fell in love with creative collaboration and the process of supporting writers while they polished their manuscripts. Simply put, James believes in his clients, and is always willing to take that extra step to ensure their ideas and passions are not only acknowledged, but deserved. He is actively involved in the ever-changing world of self-publishing, and routinely meets with writers groups and other publishing professionals to share his knowledge and insights, and to benefit from theirs.

These days, James runs WriteWorks, is married to his favorite girl, and keeps the company of a dog named Bones. When he’ s not editing the next great American novel, James relaxes with authors like George Orwell, Milan Kundera, Stephen King, Bill Bryson, Douglas Adams, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Bertrand Russell, and many others, too numerous to list.