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Developmental Editing

Developmental editing involves going through your manuscript with a keen eye for details; keeping track of characters, events, timelines, organization and logic. In a developmental edit, or dev edit, we’re looking at the larger organizational questions in your work. The process can include drastic reorganizations of material. At WriteWorks, we offer developmental editing services to clients who want recommendations and advice on solving big-picture issues that can arise when putting together a book. This is the kind of editing that involves rearranging sections of the work and other changes that could be considered large. Clients who have benefited from a solid developmental edit include writers of both fiction and non-fiction. Fiction writers find that the process can help strengthen character and story development, and non-fiction writers benefit from the organizational changes that can come out of the process.

Substantive Editing

Substantive or line editing involves cleaning up prose and language, removing redundancy, and helping keep the language consistent throughout the text. After a preliminary readthrough, the editor makes corrections and suggestions to the actual writing all while keeping track of idiosyncrasies that you, the author, may have deliberately designed into the text. Unlike developmental editing, a substantive edit assumes that there will be no major organizational changes. The actual process of editing the copy is fully scalable to the needs of the author, and can be pursued as aggressively or lightly as the writer likes. Clients who can benefit from this service can come from almost anywhere, but new writers often take the most away from the process as the editor helps them to find and sometimes, understand their own voice.


A good coach can turn the writing process into a real opportunity for growth and personal development. Good coaching also gives writers the confidence they need to stand behind their work and to find their most genuine voice. WriteWorks supports a range of clients, whether their projects are professional or personal, to get the most out of their experience. We stand by you for an entire year, providing assistance with every element of the book writing process—from concept to execution to final editing.

Copy Editing

Copy editing denotes lighter editing that looks mostly for structural problems within sentences. Unlike proofing, this level can involve some minor changes and tweaking, but basically assumes that the language in the manuscript is more-or-less in its final form. At this level, the editor will go through the work, make sure that word choice and style are good, but otherwise limit the scope and scale of recommended changes. Often, an author will want a copy edit to follow a deeper developmental edit.

Manuscript Evaluation

Oftentimes, a writer isn’t sure if their manuscript is ready to go on to editing or to be published. In order to save time and expense, WriteWorks offers manuscript evaluations in order to help guide new writers into the process. We will carefully review your work, searching your manuscript for strengths, weaknesses, and ultimately, readiness. At the completion of our evaluation, you will receive a seven to ten page evaluation that provides recommendations for revision and advice for the steps that you might want to consider before hiring an editor.

Indexing and Research

Research and Indexing are services that can prove invaluable to writers and developers of non-fiction content. WriteWorks will carefully search your writing in order to build a professional index that enables readers to quickly and efficiently find information contained in your work. We also offer a full range of research and fact-checking services.

Your initial consultation will help to determine exactly what you need in terms of services. If you’re intrigued by what we offer, reach out and let us know. We’d love to hear more about your project and see if we can be your partner throughout the crucial process of editing for publishing.

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